Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

Functional Movement Screening (FMS) is a systematic assessment tool used by fitness and healthcare professionals to evaluate an individual’s fundamental movement patterns. The purpose of FMS is to identify potential movement dysfunctions, asymmetries, and limitations that may increase the risk of injury or negatively impact performance. FMS involves a series of standardized tests and exercises designed to assess mobility, stability, and overall movement quality.

Benefits of This Service:

  • Identification of Movement Dysfunctions

    FMS helps identify dysfunctional movement patterns and asymmetries that may contribute to increased injury risk. By detecting these issues early on, corrective measures can be implemented to improve overall movement quality.

  • Injury Prevention

    The primary goal of FMS is to prevent injuries by addressing movement dysfunctions and asymmetries. This proactive approach allows individuals to work on corrective exercises tailored to their specific needs, reducing the likelihood of injuries during physical activities.

  • Individualized Exercise Programming

    FMS results inform the development of personalized exercise programs. Fitness professionals can design targeted interventions to address specific movement limitations and imbalances, optimizing the effectiveness of the training regimen.

  • Enhanced Athletic Performance

    Athletes can benefit from FMS by identifying and addressing movement deficiencies that may impact their performance. Correcting these issues can contribute to improved agility, strength, and overall athletic abilities.

  • Baseline for Monitoring Progress

    FMS provides a baseline assessment of an individual's movement patterns. Periodic re-evaluations using FMS can help monitor progress and determine the effectiveness of corrective interventions or training programs.

  • Improved Movement Efficiency

    Addressing movement dysfunctions identified through FMS can lead to improved movement efficiency. This is particularly important for individuals involved in sports, fitness activities, or daily tasks that require coordinated and efficient movements.

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