What Our Patients Have to Say

This place is great. They are on it with scheduling and great customer service. Treatment is effective and thorough. I would highly recommend AST to anyone needing physical therapy or general chiropractor or ART.

Pattie F.


I came in with a lot of knee pain. Turned out my knees were good but my hip and ankle are messed up causing my knee to overcompensate. They stretched me out which, hurt really good and sent me home with a bunch of stretching videos. Now I am healed. Absolutely amazing.

Kirk W.


I will definitely be keeping Austin Sports Therapy on speed dial. I had a bad crash just a couple weeks before a big competition and I landed on my hip in a bike race, and was barely mobile the following day. I felt pretty hopeless when I limped in. Dr. Tommer was able to see me 3 times within the week leading up to my race, and he used active release therapy to help treat my injury. I came home with a National Championship and from now on, Austin Sports Therapy will be where I go. Dr. Tommer is wonderful!

Carolyn D.


As an athlete who does lots of olympic lifting, I am prone to injury. Whenever my lower back or wrist puts me out of commission, a few sessions with the good doctors at Austin Sports Therapy always gets me back up to speed. They are professional and friendly, and have given me solid tips over time on how to properly deal with sustaining injuries.

Alex S.


I've been struggling with a cranky knee for the last three months. So glad I finally went to get it checked out. These guys were really easy to work with, friendly, and I think I'll be running again soon.

Brad C.


I will never go anywhere else. Jill and Tommer and their team are so effective at keeping you active and out of their office. What they can do in such a short time is remarkable. I've been to them after every sports injury for the last 15+ years and each time I'm mind blown by how quickly the recovery follows. These guys are truly THE BEST.

Jennifer H.


I have been going to see Jill, Tommer and the rest of the team at Austin Sports Therapy for over 10 years not for various injuries. They are truly amazing and I highly recommend them!

Michael S.


65 years old still trying to play everyday. Dr Tommer and his staff have always handled my fractures dislocations etc with the most caring knowledgeable care I could ask for!

Danny K.

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